HashSet In Java


Add Items

[AB, Smith, Raina, Sachin, Virat]

Check If an Item Exists

Remove an Item

[AB, Smith, Raina, Virat]

HashSet Size

Loop Through a HashSet

First Set: [4, Somnath, You, Welcomes]Second Set: [4, Somnath, You, Welcomes]Equality: true

Java HashSet from another Collection

VijayRaviGauravAjayPROGRAM 10:Hashset iterator exampleCODE:
OUTPUT:HashSet: [and, America, Welcome, To,portugiz]The iterator values are:andAmericaPortugizTo

Java HashSet Example: Book

101 Let us C Yashwant Kanetkar BPB 8102 Data Communications & Networking Forouzan Mc Graw Hill 4103 Operating System Galvin Wiley 6




Computer Engineer

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Somnath More

Somnath More

Computer Engineer

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